Frequently Ask Questions




How long will my products last?

Same day is always ok but we recommend using the them within 6 months of purchase.


Can I avoid the shipping charge if I am local?

Absolutely, we are more than happy to deliver or set a social distance meet up. We will email you to set up the delivery or meet up once your order has been placed.

Do you accept all forms of payments?

You are able to make your payment on the website via debit or credit. If you would like to use CashApp or Venmo send us a email at

Where do you ship?

Body Zeal ships in the US only at this time.

Are the products safe for children and my pH balance?

Our products are made with that in mind but please express your concern with us before purchase. You can opt out of colorants and fragrance oils. Consult with a doctor if have any concerns that may cause you any issues.